Marloflix #4|The Shining

Marloreads (1)

Hello everyone! I don’t know about you but I love making lists, and one of those lists is about movies I want to watch. My friends and teachers recommended lots of movies during my previous school years and I made a huge list of great and “classic” movies to watch but I never think about that list when I pick one. Well, in 2019, I hope that changes a little bit and here is one of the outstanding movies I chose to watch.

Jack Nicholson in The Shining

However, âmes sensibles il faut vous abstenir! I don’t want anyone dying from a heart-attack because of me. When it comes to tension and suspense Kubrick does not do things by half. 

Why I appreciate it?

  • Well structured  – mentions the days of the week. It makes time relevant and the viewer gets to understand how much it is important to depict Jack’s psychological decay. It is important because, at some point, I realized we were in Jack’s mind. Therefore, little layers of times were interwoven. 
  • The Shining is all about the mind and its powers. Little Danny’s flashes or psyche powers.  When he sees the twins dead or when he writes in the wrong way “murder” on the door. Horror is suggested and not entirely shown. It is all in the mind. We have psychological labyrinths, one might guess that it is why Jack becomes insane. Thanks to the mise-en-scène we understand that he separates himself from his family and consequently, he sank into the fantastic world of the hotel.
  • By the way, just like Psycho, horror is on the mind and hee in Jack Nicholson’s mask-like face. And let’s not forget the jarring soundtrack. 
Jack Nicholson in The Shining
  • Women are put forward. Wendy, Jack’s wife, is portrayed as a very resourceful woman. She is the one who is proactive and exploring the hotel. 
Shelley Duvall in The Shining
  • It is the kind of movie where you have a lot of things happening and you do not know why, so you want to keep watching to understand “why?”. And the end was even more puzzling, Just like Mother!. The mystery at the end is not solved.
  • It is about history and writing process:

History – Being able to see what happened and the effects it had on the present and future. That is why Danny had this kind of flashes. And Jack did not care about the history of the hotel and so history repeated itself.

Writing – Writing is a commitment. Jack wanted to write but his fear of the blank page prevented him from doing it and his fears were transcended into reality. And by doing so, in my opinion, he got the right to be part of the Hotel’s history and the book he wanted to write. Who knows? the end is so ambiguous! 

If you have already watched the movie you will know what I am talking about. If not what are you waiting for? – Tell me I wasn’t the only one thinking about Love me like you do‘s lyrics? 
See you next week! 
Love, Marlene

Marloflix #3 | The Handmaid’s Tale

Marloreads (1)
Hello everyone! I read the book about 2 years ago and watched the series probably 2 months ago. I took some notes about the series and decided to share it with you. Keep in mind that I’m dealing with seasons 1 and 2.
  • I was completely shocked about how much what happens in the book and in the series is already taking place. Nowadays there’s a kind of tension and a struggle between two extremes – fight for women’s rights and toxic masculinity – especially since 2016.
  • Women’s rights can be repealed, so we should every day embrace it and make sure they are respected. We should make sure our value as women is constantly respected. Women are second-hand citizens. the Marthas are servants and handmaids are treated as sexual objects – swapping from one hand to another, raped, beaten and mutilated

And she is free
not mine

  • The series deepened the relationships between the different characters and, from what I can remember, it extended the plot. Some characters grow for better or for worse. I mean when I finished the book I could not help but be frustrated. The reader only had access to Offred’s point of view. I wanted more. In season 2, we got to see the consequences of some acts took place in season 1.

I love how perfectly parallel these two scenes are.
not mine

  • The first season is pretty accurate and follows the novel but the second season is quite different at the end. It bothered me at the end. Not that I didn’t enjoy it watching it.
  • I think it’s just tiresome to women being treated like animals and objects for 2 seasons and especially when it comes to Offred. She is a warrior and a fighter but I hate the fact despite the trials she is not able to escape the inferno that Gilead has become (it was already one, but it became worse).

not mine

  • I mean, Where is hope? It’s not until the last episode of season 2 that we get to see some change or some closure for some (especially from those who contributed to the creation of the inferno).
  • Still, I appreciated the fact that the series reminded me that the fight for freedom and human rights isn’t something linear and it takes time.
And that is why I praised so much the efforts that have been made since 2017 ( after the bloom of the  #metoo movement in social media) to challenge norms, bring change to our society, promote equality and above all make sure that women’s voices are heard.
Love, Marlene.

Marloreads | Dear Woman,


Dear Woman,

Sometimes you’ll just be too much woman.

Too smart,

Too beautiful,

Too strong.

Too much of something that makes a man feel like less of a man,

Which will make you feel like you have to be less of a woman.

The biggest mistake you can make

Is removing jewels from your crown

To make it easier for a man to carry.

When this happens, I need you to understand

You do not need a smaller crown—

You need a man with bigger hands.”

― Michael Reid
I loved this poem so I wanted to share it with you. I want to talk more about feminism and being a woman in this blog, and I have a lot of posts planned and I just need more time to write them. But they are coming. If you have looked in the categories you have a hint of what I will be doing.
I hope you are having a good day and if I don’t post before Monday, a good week!
Love, Marlene.
Especially for all my sisters out there. Celebrate being a woman and celebrate all the women in your life.

February | Palimpsest & Tide.

So These past weeks, I have thought a lot about my past and my future.

About the future I want and the past I had.

About how that past has made me who I am and the person I will be.

About my love for literature. I was a fool for thinking I could live without something I have known my entire life.

About change.

Change is good, change is scary but change is needed. You needed to change otherwise it means everything you’ve done was for nothing. You learned nothing.

I went from euphoria to sadness, from 0 to 100 to 0 this month.

I was happy and astonished at the Universe, at the person I had become or even at the person may become. Wondering if 5 years from now, I will have done what I want to do. Wondering what will I remember from 2019. Will this make me suffer? Will I laugh? Will I remember those who stood by me? Will I remember their words and jokes? In what way will I change?

I’ve changed and stayed the same. The core is – I hope – still the same, but the edges? I am changing, I need change and I welcome change but will I recognize myself?

Now that I found me,

I don’t want to lose myself again.


I know something has changed, deep down. And I can’t fully understand what or why. I wish I could go back, sometimes I wish I could have felt like that before.


So eager to be herself and yet hide.

But even if she tried. She is.

So eager. Feeling the fire burn, she is trying to keep the fire for her,

For it warms her heart and helps her to sleep every night,

it lights up the sky, whenever it goes dark every night.

Not afraid of herself.

She is coming,



is the tide

inside her.

Elle ne peut la retenir,

ça finira par sortir,

et ce monde elle envahir

et elle finira par engloutir

tout ce qui peut la détruire.

Et à la fin, elle finira par rire,

et sourire,

car tu ne pourras pas ensevelir

the tide.



is the tide.

She is the tide.


Always here,

She is the tide.

The ebb and flow,

the red, she has to the glow

the neap, she can’t seem to breath

She is drowning underneath

Oh, it is her indeed

The tide.

I want to let myself be.

And when I let myself be, and I still can find me.

Growing Pains.

The end of February was rough. So rough but I just need to pay more attention to me and say “no”. A needed my best friend – me. I needed to sleep and breath.

Mental Health is so important guys. Remember it. Listen to your body, your feelings, and thoughts. And Also how you react to events and people around you. If you react negatively, something is definitely wrong and you need to move, do something about it.

Tell me about your month. I’d like to speak with you guys.

Love, Marlene

Marlofy #3

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I thought I would share with you my favorites songs of these past weeks since I feel it is shame if I don’t. Some of you might like those songs – even though everyone has their own musical taste. So, here it goes:

Ornament – Kiah Victoria

Cold War – Kiah Victoria

When I was older – Billie Eilish

Imagine – Ariana Grande

Ye – Burna Boy

Session 32 – Summer Walker

Hypothalamus – Ruthven

Make a wrong thing right – The Ashton Shuffle

Chameleon – Olivia Nelson

Odette – Pastel Walls

Whether I feeling great, I am down or just tired from my day those songs just put me in a good mood and helped me relax. Enjoy loves! See you next week.

Love, Marlene.

Marloflix #2

Hi everyone ! I hope you’re all doing well. I got out of the habit of watching movies in 2017 and 2018, but I’ve been getting into it again since watching movies is sometimes faster than watching entire seasons of tv shows. So, here is some of them;

The Strange Case of Benjamin ButtonThe Strange Case of Benjamin Button – Great movie about time, life and aging. Benjamin is someone who was born old and it was fascinating to see how he ages in reverse.  It shows how much age is nothing is nothing but a number sometimes and that appearance won’t necessarily reflect your life experience. I will probably watch it again or read it. Indeed,  It is an F. S. Fitzgerald short story. Everything was almost perfect for me in this movie and I didn’t know Taraji P. Henson played in it, so it was a great surprise.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (film).png
Theatrical Release Poster – not mine.

Revolutionary Road – If I am not mistaken it is the first Sam Mendes film I have watched (except for his James Bond movies) and I think it is time I watch American Beauty.  Sam Mendes depicts life in modern American is the way that is not all glorifying. From what I understood in the movie, he gives an account of how the conformity at the time ( and perhaps nowadays too) can be literally stifling. They got trapped in that box and ensnared in the rules society don’t them to follow. Those who don’t are mocked up and those who cannot dare to follow their dreams stop others from following theirs. However, I don’t want to spoil you, but during the entire time I was watching the film, I wondered if it was the circumstances that made that couple unhappy?

Revolutionary road.jpg
Theatrical release poster – not mine

I hope you enjoyed the article and if you don’t know what to watch, here one movie you should consider!

Love, Marlene

Marloreads #1

Hi Everyone! If you really know me, you know that I love reading and so today I wanted to share with you some books that in my opinion deal with relevant themes and are extremely well-written.


Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng | At first I thought this would be like Little Big Lies by Liane Moriarty. The setting is similar to me because it takes place in a suburban area with characters belonging to the middle class and others not. Celeste Ng gives us a portrait of that suburbia where everything is meant to look perfect and conformity is praised.

But I realized this novel has much more to deal with than that. It deals with deeper and bigger issues than frivolity. It was mostly about motherhood and Asian cultural heritage. For instance, what makes a mother a mother? Blood or love? It discusses the complicated relationship between parents, especially mothers and children. I got particularly attached to some female characters such as Mia, Izzie or Bibi.
Being a mother is such a struggle. What you would you do to become a mother when you can’t conceive your own children? To what extent would you move mountains? Just because you made one mistake you aren’t “allowed” to be a mother anymore. When it comes to adoption how should one deal with cultural heritage and representation?
What I appreciated in the novel is that we get to know everyone’s point of view and it reveals the complexity of the issue. There are so many blurred lines. There isn’t a right or wrong side sometimes and that fair is not always right.
I don’t think the novel has a point though and the author just wanted to trigger a reflection.
20181025_150336rr'Everyman by Philip Roth |
“old age isn’t a battle, old age is a massacre”. 
It is the first Philip Roth novel I read and I loved it! At first, I struggle to get into to it and feel like I was reading something meaningful. But the more I read and the more I fell in love with Roth’s prose.
It is my favorite kind of prose: simple words to say painful universal truths and state what is part of our mortal condition. But he does it in a striking vivid manner.
Moreover, I love how it deals with life – sorry, I actually meant – the end of life.  Everyman is an ordinary man who has not a special talent or accomplished extraordinary achievements. He is just a man.
I do not think is made to be loved by readers nor hated. He is just human. He has loved, made mistakes, has regrets and suffered physically throughout his life. And as times passes and his body grows weak and the mind starts to fade, he becomes scared of death.
This a reflection about the life of a man, a son, a brother, a colleague, a friend, a husband and a father facing death and seeking absolution. Actually, paradoxically the book starts with his funeral!
This novel will make you think about the inevitable and human relations. I can’t wait to read Philip Roth novels.
I hope you enjoy reading it!
Love, Marlene.
PS – Book covers are not mine.